Personal Training

Why training is essential

For many of us strength and resistance training is the final frontier. The ACSM position stand states that performing these activities 2-3 times per week, for 30-45 minutes, decreases the loss of muscle mass (atrophy) across your lifetime while maintaining your basal metabolic rate, or the rate at which the body burns energy.

Strength and resistance training also promotes an increase in bone density preventing Osteoporosis. The maintenance of a strong and healthy MIND/BODY, as a multi-faceted approach through strength training, flexibility training (Yoga), cardiovascular training, and proper nutrition, will sustain a superior quality of life.

Hiring a personal trainer

Our focus is to provide extraordinary quality and service. We accomplish this by investing in cutting-edge analysis and assessment, which provide the tools necessary to succeed in delivering excellent service. This excellent service then allows us to offer you, the client, a distinctive and inviting training environment promoting health, longevity and most of all accountability.

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The Art of Simplifying

By Cat Li Stevenson

We live in a society where our worth seems to be validated by how large our network is; how often our Blackberry goes off; how worldly we are from our travels; or how many awesome Facebook pictures there are of us, proving to our friends we live the good life. Not to mention, as we grow older and wiser, there is a constant learning curve on how to gracefully handle evolving responsibility

So, we resort to multi-tasking. A term I’m all too familiar with:

For the past three years, I’ve adopted wearing several outfits: the Corporate Banker, the weekend Real Estate Agent, the closet writer, the Board Member, the six days a week fitness guru, the overly helpful sister/mentor, the “wherever there was time” Nutrition Coach, the social planner… The exhausting list can be rattled on, but these were my staple outfits.

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