Success stories

It really worked for me!

When I first came to meditation, around 15 years ago, I thought I was a pretty focused person. During the day, I held down a job as a book editor, wrote at night, and juggled freelance assignments for various magazines and web sites. But as I began to read about what happens to the mind when we endlessly multitask, this “skill” didn’t seem so cool anymore.

At first, meditation just seemed like a good way to calm my over-stimulated mind. I’ve been an insomniac since childhood, and hoped meditation would help me sleep. A non-negotiable 15 minutes was quickly added to my schedule, and I saw my concentration improve. I slept better, with fewer interruptions. There was a tiny gap in my experience, not terribly big yet, but there all the same. This gap eventually widened, and I began to see that as I struggled with my body through endless diets and militaristic workouts, maybe all wasn’t as it appeared on the outside.

It’s no secret that we live in a copiously multitasking world. Technically, though, the brain can’t multitask. Instead of performing two tasks at once, it chooses one thing to focus on, and moves the second thing to the back burner. This results in a pretty serious lack of focus.

What does this all have to do with weight loss, you ask? A lot, as it turns out.

Thanks a lot Wesley

The Holy Grail!!!!!

I never felt so good, my mind is sharp as heck! I’m more focused, and I have a sense of calmness and ease! We need to market this program worldwide, let’s talk biz!! This program is the HOLY GRAIL!!!!! 

Best regards, DH

I am happy! :-)

When I was in Israel everyone commented on how good (and thin) I looked, and they had all just seen me in September. Yesterday I fit into 2 pairs of jeans I hadn’t been able to wear in 2 years! I am very happy!

The other amazing thing is that while I have not remained a vegetarian or anything, nor do I eat 100% as I did during the cleanse. I keep to much of it and now when I eat things high in sugar or chemicals, I either feel sick from the thought of it, or I literally have gotten sick from things I consistently used to eat before the detox.

I also used to eat chicken, sometimes twice a day before the detox, and now I can only take it once or twice a week at most. And though I may soon grow a sweet potato and some edamame in my stomach…I feel much better and healthier, and I am happy! 🙂

Thanks much – GB

You’re the best!

I was tickled to death when J mentioned the things his friend said about you being the best thing since sliced bread. I feel that way about your work too! You have a very unique gift and talent to inspire and push people when you teach and train them. You’re the best at that!

I experienced it first hand when you trained me. And getting C to do the cleanse was a miracle. I loved the way you taught, you were patient, kind, and encouraging.  I am proud of you and feel lots of love for you.


I have a lot more energy…

I feel really good, it is becoming natural to me to “know.” It makes me want to go to the next level. I have a lot more energy both mentally and physically.