Liberate Your Mind – Balance Your Body – Enlighten Your Soul

Through Mind Body Soul, we will inspire and motivate people from all over the world to embrace “proactive health & wellness,” moving beyond the dogma of the old (reactive) medical model. Not only is this our motto, it is our corporate mission. Our vision is to effect a societal change in attitude about one’s own accountability toward their state of health and wellness, and create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

We believe that your life is your own and no one will ever take care of you better than YOU. All that you ever hope to be or do in life requires taking ownership; it takes honor, courage and commitment to change.

The real question is will you change? It all starts with YOU~
First, in who you can be, thoughts become words.
Second, in how you get there, words become actions.
Third, in why you change, actions make up your character.

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Our Founder Ronald Edward Wesley (Wesley)

Experience Summary

Ronald Edward Wesley (Wesley) has passionately maintained a 20+ year career in health, fitness and wellness coaching, while adamantly upholding industry standards of care and safety.

Wesley founded MBS as a holistic health coaching service providing corporate, individual and resident wellness programs throughout the Dallas and Los Angeles area.

Wesley also maintains a national presence providing health coaching services and related products such as the 90 day permanent weight loss program, the 21 day body detoxification program and Neuro Endo Immuno testing & modulation to clients nationwide.

Wesley’s areas of expertise are in management, sales, business development and developing & administering customizable programs for clients of all ages.


  • Studied at the Richardson Kung-Fu Academy since 1995
  • Certified Physical Fitness Specialist (PFS) since 1998 The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research
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