Bio Impedance Analysis

What is Bio-impedance analysis?

Bio-impedance analysis (BIA) is the analysis of resistance and reactance in the human body. Fat-free mass (muscle) is proportional to the resistance, while body cell mass is proportional to the reactance.

A bio-impedance analyzer measures resistance and reactance, and computes fat-free mass, body cell mass and total body water. Studies of large populations have established normal values, as well as the relationship between body composition and health.

To measure resistance and reactance, a bio-impedance analyzer applies a small electrical current to the body.

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90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

This 90 day program is designed for those interested in permanent weight loss

This program utilizes the synergy of movement, nutrition and regeneration to assist clients on their journey to “liberate the mind, balance the body and enlighten the soul.” Our program is based in the belief that though it takes 21 days to break a habit, it takes 90-180 days to both physiologically and psychologically adhere to a lifestyle change.

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