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The PureLean® Program

A proactive path to good health

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Body weight is influenced by multiple factors including genetics, diet, neurotransmitter function and physical activity. When excess weight is introduced, particularly in the midsection, complex interactions occur between these factors that can lead to increased health risks for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, sleep dysfunction and more.

Elevated adrenal stress hormones are also associated with being overweight. These hormones interact with brain neurotransmitters, negatively impacting mood and appetite control, which can often derail efforts toward healthy weight management.

The PureLean® Targeted Healthy Weight Management† Program is designed to support appetite and mood centers of the brain, metabolic rate, healthy glycemic control, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, and satiety. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, PureLean® can support a proactive path to good health.

Metabolic Xtra is the supplement I recommend most frequently. This combination of berberine, resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid and chromium is highly effective in supporting glucose homeostasis.

Visit www.PureLean.com and use the Supplement Selector to discover your PureLean® personalized supplement protocol.

PureLean® Targeted Healthy Weight Management Program

Designed to Support:
• Metabolic Rate
• Appetite and Mood Centers of the Brain
• Thermogenesis and Energy Expenditure
• Satiety and Healthy Glycemic Control
• Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism

The PureLean® Program

Core Products

This essential trio covers the three main pillars of weight management† support:
Protein, Fiber, and Vitamins/Minerals

Daily Multi-Nutrient Packet
PureLean® Pure Pack
• Multivitamin with metabolic synergists
• Alpha Lipoic Acid with GlucoPhenol®, a novel polyphenol extract combination developed with the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF)
• 1,000 mg Taurine for enhanced fat metabolism support
• Easily tolerated Magnesium Glycinate for sensitive individuals
• Lemon-flavored omega-3 fatty acids for improved tolerability

Great-Tasting Protein Shake
PureLean® Protein
Choice of PureLean® Protein Blend or PureLean® Whey Protein
• 15 g vegetarian protein (from pea, rice and chia) or 21 g protein (from whey) to support satiety
• PureLean® Protein Blend (Vanilla Bean) available in convenient single-serving packets
• Promotes overall daily wellness
• Great-tasting, naturally flavored and sweetened formulas

Daily Fiber
PureLean® Fiber
• 6 g fiber per serving
• Helps slow the rate of digestion to promote satiety, digestive health and nutrient absorption
• Promotes detoxification and healthy glycemic control
• Convenient powder

Personalized Products

These innovative formulas offer the personalized part of the program. Select the product or products that meet individual metabolic needs.

Targeted lean mass ratio support
• Combines the patented WellTrim® iG (IGOB131®) Irvingia gabonensis extract and Oligonol®, a lychee and green tea complex to support healthy weight management† and lean mass ratio
• Supports healthy visceral fat composition and abdominal circumference
• Targets adipogenesis, glucose metabolism and fat utilization

Promotes sleep quality
• Combines the inhibitory neurotransmitter glycine with magnesium to provide support for occasional sleeplessness
• Promotes healthy circadian rhythm and sleep quality
• Great-tasting, lemon-lime flavor
• Convenient single-serving stick packs

Encourages metabolic support
Metabolic Xtra
• Promotes glucose metabolism with berberine, alpha lipoic acid, resveratrol and chromium
• Supports healthy insulin function and signaling

Promotes healthy thermogenesis
PureLean® Green Coffee
• Svetol® green coffee bean extract maintains healthy glycemic response
• Green tea extract supports fat utilization and thermogenesis
• Convenient single-serving stick packs

Supports healthy metabolic rate
• Promotes healthy fat metabolism and metabolic rate
• Supports the body’s natural capacity for thermogenesis
• Liquid-filled Caplique® Capsule

Buy Now $152

The PureLean® Program Overview

Core Products (Breakfast • AM Snack • Lunch • PM Snack • Dinner • Bedtime)

PureLean® Pure Pack • 1 packet at breakfast
PureLean® Protein (vegetable blend or whey) • 1 serving breakfast • 1 serving PM snack
PureLean® Fiber • 1 serving for AM snack

Personalized Support Products (Breakfast • AM Snack • Lunch • PM Snack • Dinner • Bedtime)

AdipoLean • 1 capsule at lunch • 1 capsule at dinner
GlyMag-Z • 1 packet at bedtime
Metabolic Xtra • 1 capsule at breakfast • 1 capsule at lunch • 1 capsule at dinner
PureLean® Green Coffee • 1 packet at lunch • 1 packet at dinner
XanthiTrim • 1 capsule at lunch • 1 capsule at dinner