Bio Impedance Analysis

What is Bio-impedance analysis?

Bio-impedance analysis (BIA) is the analysis of resistance and reactance in the human body. Fat-free mass (muscle) is proportional to the resistance, while body cell mass is proportional to the reactance.

A bio-impedance analyzer measures resistance and reactance, and computes fat-free mass, body cell mass and total body water. Studies of large populations have established normal values, as well as the relationship between body composition and health.

To measure resistance and reactance, a bio-impedance analyzer applies a small electrical current to the body.

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90 day post detox diet

MBS Post Body Cleansing Detox Diet Plans

The #1 question on everyone’s mind upon completion one of the 10 or 21 Day Body Cleansing Detox Diet Plans is “What’s next?” The 90 Day Post Body Cleansing Detox Diet Plan for continuing weight loss.  Working together, you and your holistic health coach can determine what course of action is best for you.  What is most important is that you follow the program in its entirety.

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Weight Loss Challenge

This 90-Day Challenge is for those interested in healthy, permanent weight loss

This lifestyle change begins with a complete comprehensive health & nutritional assessment, to gather baseline data with regard to health history, current neurotransmitter & hormonal levels, bio-impedance analysis (BIA), vitamin and mineral deficiencies, nutrient uptake, and toxicity evaluation.

It also encompasses a 21 day body detox diet, ridding the body of inflammation and unwanted fat, while reducing stress and muscle tension, leaving the body revitalized and rejuvenated.

Cleansing, proper nutrition, and moderate exercise on a regular basis, will gently detox the toxins from the body and furnish an Oxygen-rich environment, providing optimal health & wellness.

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