Nutritional Counseling

This assessment is designed for those interested in a proactive approach to Health & Wellness.

This Lifestyle Change begins with a complete comprehensive health & nutritional assessment, to gather baseline data with regard to Bio-impedance Analysis (BIA), PH testing, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, nutrient uptake, and toxicity evaluation.

As is true with any of the health & wellness programs, we also recommend the facets of strength (core stability), cardiovascular, and flexibility training, leaving the body energized, while reducing unwanted stress & muscle tension.

Cleansing, proper nutrition, and exercising on a regular basis, over time, will gently remove the toxins from the body and furnish an Oxygen-rich environment, providing optimal health & wellness.

The Program Includes:

MEETING 1 Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA)/Health History Q & A

Run initial test and discuss results of BIA and health history Summary with additional testing recommendations

MEETING 2 Symptom survey/Toxicity Questionnaire Q & A

Run intermediate test and discuss results of Symptom survey and Toxicity Questionnaire Summary with additional testing recommendations

MEETING 3 Assess ABO Blood Type/Dietary planning Q & A

Run final test and discuss comparative results of ABO Blood Type Summary with supplementation recommendations and post cleanse diet for next 90 days

The Total cost for this program is $480.00

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