Nutritional Counseling

This assessment is designed for those interested in a proactive approach to Health & Wellness.

This Lifestyle Change begins with a complete comprehensive health & nutritional assessment, to gather baseline data with regard to bio-impedance analysis (BIA), vitamin and mineral deficiencies, nutrient uptake, and toxicity evaluation.

As is true with any of the health & wellness programs, we also recommend the facets of strength (core stability), cardiovascular, and flexibility training, leaving the body energized, while reducing unwanted stress & muscle tension.

Cleansing, proper nutrition, and exercising on a regular basis, over time, will gently remove the toxins from the body and furnish an Oxygen-rich environment, providing optimal health & wellness.

The Program Includes:

SESSION 1 - A one-on-one consultation with your holistic health coach encompassing a comprehensive health history (PAR-Q) and complete bio-impedance analysis:
  • ideal weight
  • body fat
  • total body water
  • muscle mass
  • physique rating
  • daily caloric intake
  • metabolic age
  • bone mass
  • visceral fat rating
  • SESSION 2 - Upon receiving your body detox diet kit in the mail, you and your holistic health coach will meet, via phone, to review the results of your personalized toxicity report along with discussing the how-to-guide, supplement schedule and eating program throughout the cleanse.

    SESSION 3 - Upon completion of the body detox diet, you and your holistic health coach will meet, one-on-one, for a follow up session to run a second bio-impedance analysis, assess your ABO blood type and tailor an ongoing health, fitness and dietary plan to insure continued success in meeting your goals!

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