MIND BODY SOUL utilizes the synergy of alternative health programs and products such as the 10 & 21 Day Body Detox Diet for colon cleansing and healthy weight loss, to create an overall sense of wellness within individuals interested in a proactive health approach to wellness, those experiencing signs and symptoms of degenerative disease, as well as those who have been diagnosed with a common/chronic illness.

This state of wellness is as diverse and unique to each individual as one's own fingerprint. We know that the lives of those interested in preventative health, and those in declining health, are enriched by meaningful interaction with professionals who are trained to manage such conditions. With these systems in place, the individual client becomes an active participant in their progression toward optimal health, not only physically, but psychologically and spiritually as well. As individuals and as a society we grow and become enlightened by diverse experience, and it is the process of healing that leads us to understand one another and realize the oneness that abounds.

Through MIND BODY SOUL we will motivate people from all over the world to embrace "Proactive Health & Wellness," moving beyond the dogma of the old medical model. Not only is this our motto, it is our corporate mission. Our vision is to effect a societal change in attitude about one's own accountability toward their state of health and wellness, and create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

The real question is will you change? As my associate Curtis Speer says, "it all starts with You." First, in who you can be, thoughts become words. Second, in how you get there, words become actions. And third, in why you change, actions make up your character...

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