I am happy! :-)

When I was in Israel everyone commented on how good (and thin) I looked, and they had all just seen me in September. Yesterday I fit into 2 pairs of jeans I hadn't been able to wear in 2 years! I am very happy!

The other amazing thing is that while I have not remained a vegetarian or anything, nor do I eat 100% as I did during the cleanse. I keep to much of it and now when I eat things high in sugar or chemicals, I either feel sick from the thought of it, or I literally have gotten sick from things I consistently used to eat before the detox.

I also used to eat chicken, sometimes twice a day before the detox, and now I can only take it once or twice a week at most. And though I may soon grow a sweet potato and some edamame in my stomach...I feel much better and healthier, and I am happy! :-)

Thanks much - GB
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